Akari is a nerd who attends Akademi High.

Appearance Edit

Akari has messy, black, short hair, with a red headband. He has crimson colored eyes, and pale skin. He also has really sharp canine teeth-- It's okay though, he isn't a vampire!

Personality Edit

Akari is a cheerful, hardworking guy. He's earnest, and a failure at physical education. He can be a crybaby and a coward at times though.. He has low self-esteem, but acts like its high. Akira is very airheaded and clueless, especially when it comes to romance, and romantic affairs. Akira also catches on quickly.

Routine Edit

He arrives at school at 7:05 and changes to his indoor shoes at his locker. At 7:15, he goes to his club. 8:00, he goes to class, 1:00, he goes to the rooftop. At 1:25, he goes to class, and stays at school in the club until 6:00.

On wednesdays and tuesdays, he falls asleep in his clubroom during lunchtime, making him skip class.

Quotes Edit

"Thanks, that's nice of you to say.. I guess" -Being complimented

"Thank you for completing the task!~" -Finishing the task. (+1 Seduction)

"Damn, art club, back at it again with the paint that's actually blood from someone they didn't incinerate yet." -Finding a dead body

"Holy sh--" -Witnessing murder, or seeing someone dragging a dead body.