This OC belongs to Osenaria, but go ahead and use him... Uzai Yarou is just a joke OC and should not be taken seriously!


According to all the students at Akademi, Uzi is easily the hottest man at school. His spiky black hair and fake tan make all the girls swoon when he walks by. He also wears a cropped black wife beater, pale green skinny jeans, and a black leather belt with a giant golden buckle under his modified school uniform.

His modified school uniform consists of an unbuttoned blouse and blazer along, black skinny jeans, and Barbie diva glam pink crocs. He also wears his massive sunglasses everywhere.


Uzai is a very judgmental guy, but he's hot so it doesn't matter. Unless the person is a beautiful girl or a fellow douchebag, he will speak rudely to them or just plain ignore them. If they are a beautiful girl or douchebag Uzai will joke around with them and even make perverted gestures to them.

If Uzai witnesses murder or sees a dead body, he will run up to the corpse and take selfie with it. He will then post it on social media. After, Uzai will continue on normally, even more confident actually.


At 7:50, Uzai will walk into school. At 8:00, he will leave for the gym and stay there, lifting weights, until 8:35, where he finally arrives at class. He will then attend class 3-1 until lunch, where he proceeds to flirt with several girls. he will attend class again at 1:40. Afterwards, once classes end, he will go lift more weights in the gym, and then walk back home at 6:00.


If the player wishes to befriend Uzai they must first complete his task. Accepting to do so will result in a minigame where the player continually makes their self look bad to help Uzai get with a girl.



Uzai has flirted with every pretty girl in Akademi.


"Whuh? You want to be my friend? Sorry, but I'm only friends with people like my own self. But... you can do one thing for me..." - When starting the task.

"Yeah, this is my friend..." - Uzai's first line in the task.

"Hey! Don't impress her, she's mine." - When the player makes themselves look good.

"Uhh...? Thanks, I guess..." - Naria when complimented.

"Oh yeah!" - Uzai when witnessing murder or seeing a dead body.